All your print and digital Amazon books are now in one place – except the sideloaded ones

Amazon’s Your Books is a space with your print and digital books in every format / Image: About Amazon

Amazon has just launched Your Books, a personalized space with all your print, Kindle, and Audible books. However, the service doesn’t include your sideloaded ebooks.

Amazon seems to understand that many Kindle and Audible users keep buying print books.

The company has just launched a new service that will let you access all the books you have ever purchased on Amazon – and in any possible format.

Called Amazon Your Books, the service “is a personalized space to explore all of your print, Kindle, and Audible books”.

From now on, you don’t have to go separately to the Content Library (to find Kindle ebooks and Audible audiobooks) and the Orders history (to find print books).

The service is designed to help you find books easier, and the format doesn’t really matter. When you visit the home page of Your Books, you will see the filter bar at the top.

An interesting thing is that filters are adjusted to the content of your library. The “Suggested filters” bar lets you quickly find books based on your favorite format, but also genre or author. If you have many books from the “history” genre, you will have a “history” filter button. Or the “Stephen King” button, if you have bought a lot of King’s books.

When you filter your books to a specific genre, all the formats will be displayed: print, Kindle, and audiobook.

What’s interesting, the service lets you combine the filters. You can, for instance, find all the books from the “mystery & thrillers” genre that are in the Kindle format.

Amazon wants the new service to be “your personal book sanctuary”, and it means not only the books you’ve bought, but also about the ones you may buy. Yes, Your Books is Amazon’s another tool to get you into buying more stuff.

Just enable the “discovery mode” by clicking on the button in the top-right corner, and for every book in your library, you will see a list of similar items to consider.

A great thing about Your Books is that it also includes a quick link to your Notes and Highlights, an online preview of all the remarks you’ve made in your Kindle ebooks.

The biggest disadvantage of Your Books service is that it doesn’t include your personal files that you have added to your Kindle library. Amazon thinks they are not your books.

Don’t worry, all your sideloaded ebooks are still available from your Amazon profile section. They are stored in a Content Library section in a drop-down list that appears when you click on a menu item with your name.

One important thing to know is that Your Books is not a part of your profile list (and I hope it will change in the future).

So far, there are two ways to access the Amazon Your Books home page:

▸ Go directly to the dedicated url link at

▸ Type “your books” in Amazon’s search bar, and the section will appear right at the top of search results.

Are you planning to try Amazon Your Books? Are you missing your personal ebooks in here? What would you improve in the section?

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